An unscripted passion for production.

chase simonds

Passion; the underlying driver behind demanding excellence and tireless effort in oneself to create unique and authentic live experiences.  I discovered this passion long ago. It is what has enabled me to attain very diverse and demanding roles to this point in my ever-expanding profession of show production and live events. Dedication to this element has pushed me to explore various roles from creative oversight to the complex details of technical planning, schedules and budgeting. I excel at team building while leveraging creativity, an appreciation of art and new technology to generate fresh ideas in delivering meticulously crafted experiences.

I strive to work with a diversity of producers, artists, agencies, and brands to refine and deliver the story within each unique vision as a shared live experience.


  • Live Show Producing & Direction
  • Video Design & Direction
  • Lighting & Scenic Consultation
  • Technical Direction

Television Credit List